How to pass a Software Engineer interview. Part 1

My workplace

I just changed a job and have been going this way myself, so here, I want to share my success story of getting a well-paid Sofware Engineer role.

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” — Lou Holtz

I believe that anyone can become a good Sofware Engineer. It just matters how hard you are ready to work. I even doubt many other jobs give you such straightforward instructions to success and many opportunities…

I’ve been working as a Java Sofware Engineer for a while already, and recently I started thinking about new opportunities. One of the exciting positions was about moving totally from Java to Kotlin, so I wanted to understand the benefits there for me and if it’s worth my time. I did some research and want to share my results with you.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is yet another JVM language. A long time ago, Java raised as a language that promised Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) functionality. Right now, it is real, and Java is running anywhere from microwaves in your kitchen to…

Vlad Mykol

Experienced Software Engineer that likes to work not only with machines

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